The Learning Heart Project

$1 will help us develop a new free tool for one of the most expensive medical conditions: heart failure.

When the heart fails, people can experience debilitating shortness of breath and swelling. The failing heart can enter a downward spiral from where its often difficult to escape leading to a situation that risks a person’s life. Many things contribute to a heart failure exacerbation, most important of all is the complexity of the condition itself. Heart failure results from medical problems like hypertension, heart attacks and valvular heart disease among many others. Treatment most often require multiple drugs, a strict diet that restricts salt intake, careful self monitoring and frequent visits with a specialist.

Causes of a heart failure exacerbation

Heart failure is one of the most expensive and difficult medical conditions to treat and requires a lot of medical attention and resources.    Over 5 million people in the US alone struggle with heart failure. You may already know someone affected. Despite impressive advances in technology, heart failure remains a huge challenge. Unfortunately today, about half of the people who are diagnosed with heart failure die within five years. New “out of the box” solutions are necessary to contain the costs and saves lives.

Over 5 million people in the US alone struggle with heart failure.

We are a  group of doctors who want to develop a new approach to help patients with this condition. Most of the money available to medical researchers is intended to create new medications or devices that will then make money in exchange. Although those are badly needed, our approach is different. We want to empower patients with the knowledge of their condition that will allow them  independence.

ONLY THE PATIENTS will benefit from our new intervention.
A new open resource, available to: anyone with the condition. To obtain the information they need to prevent a worsening situation. We aim to create and produce a new TV channel that will teach patients with this condition everything they need to know to manage themselves better.
Our team of heart doctors will supervise everything about the creation of the project by using the most current understanding of the condition. Our content will then be studied on patients already suffering with heart failure to optimize its effectiveness. Our team doctors will donate their time and knowledge to this project but we need

your help

to manage the costs of production. Once ready, it will become available to everyone — FOR FREE. We are not associated with a pharmaceutical company, nor is our project profit generating. 100% of the funds raised will be used for the research and development of this tool. The Learning Heart Project is entirely a physician lead effort.

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