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Working as doctors in a busy office, we find that the time we spend teaching patients about the conditions they suffer from is often cut short.  The personal interaction that develops between doctor and patient during this teaching time is often quoted as the most important source of patient satisfaction, and these lessons are in fact considered a marker of care quality. Doctors who succeed at this do so because they focus on one thing: simplifying complex medical concepts to a level any person can understand. This kind of engaging teaching is not readily available outside the office; mostly people in need rely on Internet searches, or online medical sites that offer information that is beyond the understanding of a large percentage of the population.

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    Dr. Christopher Palmeiro, co-founder of Doctablet, reviews current trends in online diabetes education at the New York Upstate AACE Meeting, 11/12/2016

Diabetes self- management classes are vastly underutilized. Patients tend not to go to educational classes for a whole host of reasons (including not being referred). Alternatively, most people have access to online —even if it is via smart phone — and massive amounts of people now go online for education. Health-related topics are very commonly searched online and are the top interest for Americans. Most (80%) people start their online health searches with a search engine like Google. Additionally, social media can function as a modern day support group. There is data showing Facebook and other forums actually provide more than peer support, suggesting that postings are related to sharing of information and knowledge. However, there is very little solid data to support that online education changes hard outcomes like A1c and bodyweight. Looking forward, professional societies like the AADE have embraced online education, making it a part of their strategic plan. Similar to diabetes management, education needs to be individualized to the patient.

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